April 12, 2021




website: http://iemtal.meb.k12.tr/

İbrahim Evren Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School is a national public education

institution providing vocational technical education opened on October 29, 1939. Prior to that, Ali
Çetinkaya Girls Technical and Vocational High School gave education in the name of 2014-2015
education-school year moved to the new school building and Ibrahim Evren Vocational and Technical
Anatolian High School was named. The school consists of 1208 students and 80 teachers. The
student age range is 14-18. All of the school students are girls. The school serves 8 areas. These
areas have their own workshops. These areas are: information technologies -Graphic design and
photography -Child Development and Education -Handicrafts -Guy Production Technology -Beauty &
Hair Care Services -Food and Beverage Services -Family Consumers and Services Student Profile:
The majority of school students are socioeconomically disadvantaged. The profile of most of our
students at school is as follows: family inadequacy, uneducated education, broken family children,
family with no social security, children with no future expectations, children with health problems,
children with special education needs. That is, 35% of the students who come to our school are
female students from the surrounding villages. We also have 10 mainstreaming students and 3
physically challenged students. Students are placed according to their scores in the schools.
Although the number of students in the vocational high schools in the province is in the first place in
terms of their scores, the number of students is low and the employment rate is low. Teacher Profile:
Our school has 13 specialist teachers and 15 graduate teachers. School teachers are experienced
teachers who have worked in the field for many years. But they have limited opportunities to innovate
and improve themselves in their fields. The fact that the student profile level is low is a barrier to
teacher development. Our teachers have experience and work at national level only. There is no
international experience. Our project team is based on volunteerism of teachers, complementary
common profile, responsibility sharing and different training areas. . The improvement of the
relationship with the demand of the labor market at the provincial, regional and national level is to
consolidate the leanings with practical applications and to gain experience in the European standard
and to develop the professional and foreign language levels. In addition, our English teacher has
experience in Erasmus study and internship at the university. Our teacher wants students to live their
experiences. Our responsibilities as a school project team are to: conduct labor need analysis work
at the provincial, regional and national level in vocational education at our school and to do the
necessary work in the areas to be improved in our school according to these analyzes.