April 12, 2021




Website : http://madgearu-rosioribusinesscatalyst.com

The Technological High school “Virgil Madgearu” is VET school with economics study fields situated
in Rosiori de Vede town, in the south –east part of Romania. Nowadays our school has 870 students,
distributed in 32 classes, daily learning/studying, as it follows: Natural Resources profile, Ecologist

and Environment Quality Protection specialization; Services profile:Economics, Commerce,Tourism,
Banqueting. Every year, the mission of the 48 titular teachers is the same: development of maximum
potential of each student, development of necessary social and professional insertion of professional
abilities. As main strategic objectives included in the Action Plan of School we mention: Increasing of
economic professional training system flexibility according to European standards; assurance of
management quality, continuous training of didactic staff in economic business. Technological High
School “Virgil Madgearu” has experience in implementing projects and programs with national and
European funds, as well as training and development of skills and abilities to target groups such as:
students and adults. The school goal is to increase employment opportunities for students of
secondary education (ISCED 3) by using innovative methods of “training firms” in order to facilitate
their transition from school to work. Several projects have been implemented for students to take
advantage of continuous information, using a wide array of instruments to develop entrepreneurial
and personal skills through entrepreneurial activities, training and career counselling. Activities with
practical applications (mentoring, job shadow, entrepreneurial workshops) have contributed to a
better insertion in today’s market labor. In partnership with other schools and associations the school
implemented the projects “Learn with us to be an entrepreneur”, “From high school to active life”,
”Jobs” with activities centered on students’ personal developing and providing mentoring on the
labor market insertion / of continuing education / development of a business plan. In 2016 the school
won the title of European School for the next 5 years, awarded by National Education Minister as a
recognition of the educational management quality and the impact of European projects on
organisational culture and school ethos. Motivation to start this project: Youth unemployment in
Romania continues to be challenging and our involvement in this project will allow us to look
outwards at how other countries’ education systems prepare young people for employment and how
the delivery of vocational curriculum links to employment opportunities. A team of young teachers
with experience in project management gained by participating to several European projects and
competent in foreign languages and ICT is responsible for the implementation of this Erasmus
project. In case one of the team members leaves their position the headmaster will be in charge of
the substitution needed.