April 12, 2021


Escola Secundária de Loulé

Website: www.es-loule.edu.pt

Loulé Secondary School has about 135 teachers who teach: 35 staff in the different functional areas
of the school, regular education (Science and Technology, Socioeconomic Sciences, Arts and
Literature and Literature), in a total of 26 classes in the three years of school in Portugal (10th, 11st
and 12nd); Vocational Education, Technician of Computer Equipment (3), Computer Programming
(3), Technical of Electrical Installation (1), Technical of Graphic Design (3), Multimedia (3),
Technician of Renewable Energies (1), Restaurant Technician (3), Cooking Technician (3),
Environmental and Rural Tourism Technician (3), Mechatronics Automobile (3), Sports Technician
(3) Health Care Technician (3), School Helper Technician (1) in a total of 34 courses in the three
Years of teaching (10th, 11st and 12nd); Vocational Courses (Bar and Gardening, in a total of 2
courses in the last year of course); Recurrent Adult Teaching Courses four night courses. It has a
total of about 1200 students, between 15 and 21 years of age, distributed by all the training
modalities. It presents a total of 35 employees, distributed by the school administration, social action
service, training center and operational assistants. It is a multicultural school that has students of
different nationalities and from different continents. The school population includes all social classes,
but with a current situation of the country, there is a strong growth of families with economic
difficulties. This is associated with social problems that are reflected in young people who arrive at
school and who are also amplified by the extension of compulsory schooling from 16 to 18 years.
ESL is committed to finding solutions to reverse these situations. This is motivation in the classroom,
for the search of methodologies and teaching essays that approach a know-how, a classroom to the
real world of young people, increasingly heterogeneous public. ESL develops evaluation mechanisms
to improve service and results. In the year of transition, it was submitted to an External Evaluation,
having obtained a very satisfactory evaluation and that an educational policy is followed by a correct
one. The ESL integrates the ESXCEL national project, its objective is to promote educational
excellence for the development, continuous evaluation and presentation of solutions and models of
educational development. At the Loulé Secondary School we have a number of teachers connected
to European Projects, namely: eTwinning projects (with prices awarded last 3 years), former
Comenius and Leonardo Da Vinci, contact seminar and Study Visits, Erasmus+ KA1 trainees and
Staff and Erasmus+ KA2. Two Erasmus+ projects are currently underway: a KA1 Staff and a three
KA2 Strategic Partnership