April 12, 2021


Vittoria (Rg)

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Enrico Fermi”

Website: http://fermivittoria.edu.it

IIS “E. Fermi” from Vittoria (RG) is a relatively new institution as it dates back to 1970. It is a technical school whose primary focus is the implementation of an organic process of innovation, oriented renewal programs, through experimentation. All this is to improve the quality of education and social life for students, parents, teachers and the community is not school. The School is located on the outskirts of the city and is one of the most advanced educational facilities in all of Sicily. The Institute is frequented not only by students who live in the city, but also by students from cities and municipalities close to Victoria. Today, our school has 35 classes, 100 teachers, with more than 1.000 students divided into different classes: Economic sector: Administration, Finance and Marketing, Business Information Systems Technological sector: Building, Environment and Territory, Agriculture, food processing and agro-industry. IIS “E. Fermi” can offer a wide range of educational and technical courses using modern technologies that are taught in our laboratories (Languages,
Chemistry, Physics, and Construction) and on the field. Our students are fully familiar with computers as well as Internet and we usually participate in lots of competitions such as Math, poetry and social issues. We also had internships of English and French, with study-abroad experience. Finally, the key people involved in this project possess specific skills: good ability to organize and manage internships, ability to dialogue with public and private entities, ability to create websites, realization of modernization and tutoring in Italy and abroad in the field of education and business The motivation
to join this project is our commitment to develop a deep and sustainable International approach to widening the horizons of staff and students alike.