April 12, 2021

C4- Greece- ARTA

1 epal arta


Empowering VET students with life skills

The purpose of the fourth LTT activity is to organize lectures, workshops and seminars that enable students to to understand, develop
and use life skills –initiative, flexibility, social skills, leadership, productivity. Overall, the participants will be able to point out and
understand the realities from the other countries; meet with their colleagues and discuss all these issues face-to-face.

Tasks in Arta

1) from each group 2 students will prepare a presentation about a proffession they want. they supposed that they are already professionals and they are coming to school to talk about their job. video pawer point. (what education that job need, what qualification it must have, where can they find work etc) 2) virtual work interview. i found two business man in arta who they where willing to make the professional interview. as i said on program the interviews will take place in the business commerce of arta. a) first company :https://www.medilab.gr/  the company has  medical lab equipment and they are searching for : 1) accountant ( from university economical plus english plus ICT) 2) sales support (university biology or chemistry or medical equipment) 3) logistic ( secondary education , english or other EU language ) b) second company: modern poultry farm. name of the owner Michas Kostantinos, his email : michaspoultry@gmail.com (the students can send their cv to his mail ) . they are searching for : 1) ICT expert for building the comany site 2) production manager for poultry ( he/she must have university education veterinary and experienced on diet) 
for the virtual interview, all the student can send cv, (for the medilab i will send their mail tommorrow) all the students must be prepare for the interview, just on my point of view i dont want to make the bussinemen tired. they are willing to see all students. just you teachers will inform me who will go on which company . i belive i said everything. if something isnt clear please say me 
best regards to all of you