April 12, 2021



Empowering VET students with learning skills

The purpose is to organize lectures, activities and workshops which enable students to understand, develop and use learning skills –
critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication.


egarding our workshops in the second meeting, I was thinking to distribute the work between all partners.Today I have read and work on a presentation about:- Learning Styles, understanding study skills- how to create a study schedule- learning styles inventory-……All this topics cover the activities from Tuesday morning (Lectures and seminars). This workshop / topic is done by Romania
We have two more topics: Workshop in order to develop critical and creative thinking; how to use creativity in career development and life path, individual development techniques by overcoming barriers in creativity and attitude formation.Responsible country  …. Greece or  PortugalI want you to choose
Workshop  on communication techniques and strategies for development of communication and cooperation; Applications in real life situations, exercises to develop communication skills.Responsible country …. Greece or PortugalI want you to choose  
Turkey  (Hakan will invite a person to talk about his/ her career):
Speeches of professionals who have been successful through the use of creativity in various fields, presentations of their own career and the role of creativity in career development;
Turkey:Host Students presentations on the economic results of VET education;Graduates of which fields work where, in which sectors