April 12, 2021



During the week, students made analysis of the current economy and the labor market in their country on selected economic indicators.
They described the trends in the job market and conditions of entry in the labor market; possible shortcomings and opportunities in
each country and sector; they exchanged the data and statistics in connection with unemployment and trends on the European job
market. All participants were informed and aware of debated issues. Overall, the participants were able to understand the realities from
other countries; they met with their colleagues and discussed matters of interest face-to-face. The participants in the activity were
students from partner countries and the teachers. The activities of the meeting were related to and integrated with the normal activities
of our schools and they are held during normal classes. By accomplishing these activities, we achieved the following concrete results:
school -presentations , fields of study, country, economy, job market trends, workshop materials designed by students (analysis,
presentations, statistics) that are and will be part of the current curriculum.